Femi Kuti
Femi Kuti Femi Kuti never felt just satisfied with being the King's heir. Those who have followed his career and have experienced his music know this for a fact. He freed himself from his father's legacy in '85 by puting together his own band, The Positive Force, and thereby working to find his own voice. He became, during the'90s, a renowned artist in his own right with a distinctive, colorful and balanced style. His records tell the story: After a short spell at Motown, he took on the Afrobeat sound with his first international album in 1998 «"Shoki Shoki", before rubbing shoulders with the modern urban style of his American peers such as Mos Def and Common on the album "Fight To Win". Returning to Lagos he worked on rebuilding the new Shrine and released an unbelievable live project recorded in the heat of the moment in his own venue "Live at the Shrine", MK2 / 2004.

His next studio record only came about in 2008, having found inspiration in Paris. This unanimously celebrated release "Day By Day" was his most successful to date. Recently, Femi has been named Amnestys African advocate for their 50 th anniversary, and Songlines magazines artist of the year.

Being aware afrobeat music has in one hand, a big potential and on the other, a narrow public, the next tour, playing 10 concerts with Red Hot Chili Peppers will aim to conquer a new public, keeping the faithfulls but tending to spread overseas and over ages