Stepping Feet
Stepping Feet Stepping Feet is the premier Dave Matthews Tribute band based out of San Diego California. In 2008, Stepping Feet was nominated as the 'Best Tribute Band' for the San Diego Music Awards. If you're a fan of live music, Stepping Feet delivers the passion and energy you would expect from the Dave Matthews Band themselves. Being fans of their music for years, the members of Stepping Feet understand that it's all about capturing that live energy and letting the music crash over the audience like a tidal wave.

The San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon was quoted as saying, "From the first song until the last, the audience will be mesmerized and responsive to this very talented group of young musicians. The unique blend of the electric violin, keyboards, saxophone and acoustic guitar provides a truly memorable experience".

"Stepping Feet is perfect for everyone from the obsessed DMB Fan, to the casual listener, and to the completely uninitiated. I hardly ever miss a chance to come out to see Stepping Feet and I'm never disappointed"! David - Stepping Feet fan since 2004.

"We know we've done our job when fans come up to us and say 'when I closed my eyes and listened to your music, I felt like I was at a DMB show'". Sam - Bass player for Stepping Feet.