TU (Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto)
TU (Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto) "Stunning debut from the two quiet King Crimson players reveals a Squarepusher/Zeppelin bombast tempered with an ambient Eno textured calm juxtaposed with the fury of a Coltrane improvisation"

Crazy, sick, heavy, electronic, loud and raw tunes and improvisations from King Crimson rhythm section.

Trey Gunn - bass/touch and fretless guitars
Pat Mastelotto - electric and acoustic drums/samples

Yes its a crazy combo: Both guys have enough sound palate to paint the world, and they have - TU has played in Russia, Mexico, Poland, Japan and the States where they were hand picked by the band TOOL to open several shows. They always accompanied by video projections and often joined by local musicians and artists for the not to be missed once only TU + 2 encore.

The duo was born during the rehearsals for the King Crimson "The Power to Believe" sessions and has produced three CDs to date.