Chalet Shalom
Chalet Shalom Chalet Shalom is an indie/folk duo comprised of Vincent Colbert and Ethan Daum. The two met in 2010 while living in the same apartment complex in Austin, Texas. They wrote the song "Courage" (released on their debut EP "Light") during their first jam session. They quickly realized how closely their background, musical influences, and playing style aligned, and considered themselves a band within a week of writing and recording songs in Ethan's home studio.

Vince and Ethan are all about creative folk music. They primarily write on acoustic guitar, then spend a lot of time finding the perfect instrument, sound, or harmony to make the song come alive. Vince, Chalet Shalom's primary songwriter, brings new ideas to the table, then, with the help of Ethan, they mold and shape them into complete songs. Ethan, a multi-instrumentalist, has an array of instruments to choose from including a banjo, ukulele, cello, cajon, and mountain dulcimer. All of these sounds appear at some point on their debut full-length album "Like Shadows Under The Sun."