Hellshovel Hellshovel was originally a song on a Demons Claws single, released in 2004 on Perpetrator Records. Later it became a recording project started by Jeff Clarke, intended to make soundtrack instrumental music. Then in 2008 it became a touring act in Italy with guest musicians from Italy's Movie Star Junkies and France's Jack of Heart.

After a period of inactivity Hellshovel reformed in 2009 in Montreal with Dale MacDonald, and pooling together they released several 7inch singles on several different record labels, and then left for Europe on the first tour with the Feeling of Love. From this point on, it's been back and forth between Montreal and Europe. In Montreal they recorded a full length LP with Bloodshot Bill on drums. Then multiple tours in Europe followed with Shrine's drummer Mirko Wenzel and Weakends' Simon Letourneau on bass. In Greece with Acid Baby Jesus they recorded two up-coming singles and forged future plans. In Berlin another EP was recorded and released on Italian label Sound of Cobra , bringing them to the USA for the first time in 2011.