GoGo Mouth
GoGo Mouth Forged in the wooded bliss of suburban Baltimore comes the pinnacle party band of our generation: GoGoMouth!

In case you were not aware, seven brave music lovers have been working tirelessly from their attic loft to create a fun energetic show that will capture the ears, hearts, and dancin’ feet of all in attendance. The seeds of GoGoMouth however, were sewn much earlier as each of us was out on our own exploring the vast landscape of live music and bar scenes in and around beautiful Baltimore, MD. After years of research, one thing we have concluded beyond doubt is that going out is more fun when there is a live band! The energy that can be communicated through facial expressions and visceral gestures is much more contagious than that of a cold, colorless speaker. In addition, we noticed that the bars playing the more popular hits on the juke usually had larger crowds (girls) than the type of venue where you might see your favorite independent artist sob openly into a microphone on a Tuesday night.

We then decided to use our talents to play the hottest club/party music of our generation, and play them well. Our stated goal is to give our audience a time and place to shake off the weekday worries, and to provide a soundtrack to which we can all DANCE, SING, AND BE FREE! We want our shows to come to life. Passive observers are not invited (though we understand if you have a headache or just aren’t in the mood tonight).

Attendees of a GoGoMouth show can expect to be titillated, entertained, and maybe even shocked. There will be wardrobe changes/malfunctions. There will be people who leave offended. There will be the aroma of sweet romance and the stench of hot sex. There will be songs you love to hear, songs you used to love to hear, and songs you can’t wait to look up when you get home. There will be interaction between the band and the crowd (WE ACTUALLY HAVE A FEW SURPRISES PLANNED – so make sure you friend us on Facebook to get updates on any of our themed events)

In short: Love your neighbor, love yourself, and be thankful. We only live once, so lets get together and celebrate this strange miracle while we’re all still lucky enough to do so!

Ladies and Gentlemen: GoGoMouth has arrived!!!