Small Town Titans
Small Town Titans Small Town Titans is a heavy rock n' roll band that finds its roots in a place born of the blood, sweat, and tears of Blue Collar Pennsylvania. The name was created by lead vocalist Phillip Nathaniel Freeman at the age of 15 when he discovered the beauty, danger, and fun of Rock & Roll. All members of the band, Phil Freeman - vocals, Jonny Ross- drums, Ben Guiles - guitar, Mark Vincent George -guitar, and Eddie Roberts - bass, are a product of the same mentality: small town beginnings with big city dreams. With the band name sitting in Phil's pocket for 8 years, it now represents a unified group of guys who see the sky as the limit.

Jonny and Phil became fast friends after meeting at Lebanon Valley College with both of them majoring in Music Business. However the idea of the two of them forming a band never really crossed their minds. One year later, Mark joined them at LVC. Jonny and Mark quickly became friends as well, with both of them being the only guys at the school who could be seen walking around in Motley Crue and Metallica t-shirts. The two of them formed a band, but it quickly ended. Ben Guiles was a friend, and a well-known guitar player in another band at LVC. Jonny and Ben had actually jammed together upon first arriving at LVC years earlier.

Jonny and Mark had wanted to jam with Phil for a while, despite having somewhat different tastes in music, or so it seemed. Jonny gave Phil a call. As luck would have it, Ben was now looking to join a new band. Ben was invited to jam along with the group. That night, without a bass player, the soon-to-be band began playing together at LVC's Blair Music Center. The feeling was unanimous between the four. Everything felt right. After an eventual lineup change, the band found Eddie Roberts, a high school friend of Mark's. The lineup was complete, and for the boys, the excitement truly began.

Their first show took place on May 30th, 2011 and since then, the band has accomplished more than any one member could have imagined in just over 1 year. Despite hefty college schedules and the demands of full time work, STT refuses to die. The band quickly saw success through winning Lebanon Valley College’s Battle of The Bands, which reserved them a spot to share the stage with international artist Secondhand Serenade in the spring of 2012, despite having quite a different sound from the headliners. Almost immediately following their victory, the band caught the attention of Susquehanna Entertainment’s Terry Selders at the college’s annual evolution Music Industry Conference. The band soon signed with Terry as their personal manager at Susquehanna Entertainment in February of 2012.

Over the course of only a few months, STT has quickly received an impressive amount of attention from rock radio stations including 105.7 The X and 105.5 BOB. They have also just very recently shared the stage with national recording act Saving Abel, known for their platinum selling smash single "Addicted".

With momentum continuing to rise, the band has just successfully recorded a 5 track EP with Jason Rubal of Seventh Wave Studio. Thanks to increasing demand for recordings, the guys quickly and efficiently finished the songs in a mere 10 days. “The name may have “small” in it, but their sound is the exact opposite. We had a blast making this record and I am thrilled to see what these kids have in store for the industry. They are more than ready!” says Rubal. The record is due to be digitally released to over 60 digital music vendors on July 10, 2012 and is sure to create quite a buzz across the state of PA and the rest of the nation. If this strong group continues with the drive, passion, and success they have achieved in just 1 year, their future is bright, and their potential is unlimited: a very fitting description for a band with the word “titan” proudly displayed in their name.