Monie Love
Monie Love In the late 80s Monie Love signed to the London based record label-Chysalis Records. She acheived chart success with hits; Grandpas Party, Monie In The Middle, and Its A Shame. Love quickly became a well respected figure in British Hip Hop and made an impact with American HipHop audiences as a protege of female American emcee Queen Latifah, as well as thorough her membership in the late 1980s / 1990s Native Tongues. Love was one of the first BritHop artists to be signed and distributed worldwide by a major record label, Signed to Waner Brothers for the USA and Canada , Monie achieved acceptance among her US peers and received Grammy nominations for Monie in The Middle and its A Shame.

Later flourished as a renowned radio personality, can be currently heard on The Ladies First Show on Backspin, Sirius XM radio. She is a budding author and is releaseing a cookbook with her brother, Monie & Wills Foodie Favs, and her memoir-No Love Lost.