The Muddsharks
The Muddsharks After many years of friendship and musical companionship, four aspiring musicians bonded to form The Muddsharks. The members of the band reflect high energy, that consists of various styles and unique sound that is driven by a loyal fan base.

As far as music, The Muddsharks currently cover a wide variety of songs from the 1960's to popular tunes of today. Be it rhythm & blues, classic & current rock, funk, reggae, and country, The Muddsharks cover it all. The reaction and requests from the audience along with the type of venue is of great importance in regards to the material they perform.

Since March 2005, the band has made tremendous strides set by their demand to please their audience. In 2005, they were recognized as the #1 voted band on They have also had numerous write ups in The Times and and segments mentioned on various local radio stations. In March 2011, they were voted by an online poll at as one of the Region's top 10 local bands & later that year they placed in the top 5 cover bands in the area.

These aspiring professionals work hard to maintain the raw energy of youthful rock and roll while remaining sensitive to the overall experience of their audience. Sound quality, dynamics and intonation are primary concerns. They also keep themselves well groomed with an attitude of genuine concern for each other, their fans, and for the success of the venues in which they perform. Their greatest enjoyment is bringing people together in a spirit of fun, laughter, song and dance.

Primarily playing clubs, The Muddsharks have also played many private parties, weddings, benefits, casinos, festivals, bars, with many more events to come in the future. If you are looking for sheer energy on stage with a repertoire unique in its own, then The Muddsharks are what you've been missing. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Mike Columbo - Vocals, drums & percussion, harmonica
Equipment - Tama drums, Remo heads, Paiste, Bosphorus, Wuhan cymbals, Pro Mark sticks
Mike Columbo grew up in Munster, IN & started playing drums at the ripe young age of 8 & continued formal training throughout school. Mike has many accomplisments under his belt with the Munster High School Drum Corp., as he has played Bears & Colts professional football games, Disney World in Orlando, the Indianapolis 500, & the Outback Gatorbowl. He played in various high school cover bands & started playing out in clubs at 16 years old.

After coming back from college in New Mexico, where he studied Music Business Admin., he settled into a blues band & cut his teeth with some local greats & then went on to play out regularly with a few different groups until forming The Muddsharks in 2005. While hitting the skins & holding down the backbeat, Mike taught himself to sing and play drums and sometimes incorporate harmonica too. His self training has gained great local recognition as being able to "mold" his voice to certain singers such as Elvis, Johnny Cash & Jim Morrison. Some of Mike's drumming influences are Mitch Mitchell, Stewart Copeland, Stanton Moore, John Bonham, John Fishman & Buddy Rich. With over 25 years experience playing in different settings & genres, Mike Columbo has established himself as a well rounded musician.

Mark Landes - Keyboards & vocals
Equipment - Ensoniq, Korg & Roland keyboards & synths.
Mark "Magicman" Landes was born the son of a music teacher/band director. He grew up in Calumet City, IL & joined his Father's band when he was in 1st grade playing trumpet. He then switched to the baritone & also trombone. He started playing piano at 8 years old & has been playing ever since. Mark served his time playing in numerous local bands throughout the years before finally settling in with The Muddsharks in early 2011 after calling & inquiring about an opening. Mark's musical influences consist of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jordan Rudess, Bruce Hornsby, Guns N Roses & Metallica. Mark has been a great addition to the band as it has opened the doors to a whole new song book of ideas.

Tony Nuzzo - Bass guitar
Equipment - Fender Jazz and Precision Basses, Orange 2x12 cabinet & Orange Bass Terror amp head & GHS Boomer strings.
Laying down the funky bottom end is Tony Nuzzo. Tony started playing bass guitar only 8 years ago & became a natural. With having no real experience playing out, he joined The Muddsharks at the beginning of 2010 & has been amazing the masses ever since. He enjoys all types of music, which is apparent in his playing & some of his personnel influences are The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Phish & My Morning Jacket. Tony will only continue to grow as The Muddsharks moves forward.

Dan "Luke Skyrocker" Smith - Guitars & vocals Equipment - Fender Stratocaster & Gibson Les Paul guitars, 1973 Super Reverb amp, GHS strings and Fulltone / Analogman pedals.
Dan "Luke Skyrocker" Smith is a guitar player out of the Dyer/Crown Point, IN area. Deep rooted in Blues/Rock stylings, Skyrocker studied at Columbia College Chicago School of Music & joined The Muddsharks in 2008. Skyrocker is also currently a guitar instructor at Dynamite Music in Griffith, IN & takes great pride in his teaching. His "Luke Skyrocker" nickname came about from fellow musicians he works with regarding his striking resemblance to Mark Hammell. Some of his greatest guitar influences are Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, Freddy King & Stevie Ray Vaughn. Skyrocker has recently starting incorporating more vocals into his repertoire & currently handles more of the "hip/hop" songs performed by The Muddsharks. Covering artists such as Will Smith & The Bloodhound Gang brings a fresh upbeat aspect to The Muddsharks song catalog. This 24 year old guitar slinger has a bright future ahead of him and has been a great addition to an already stellar band.