Marmalade Marmalade is here to change your conception of Seattle based music. For over a decade, a new style of music has been growing and evolving in the clubs of this famous West Coast city. Marmalade embodies this new music we call "Groove".

Every Thursday night for the past grip of years, Marmalade brings live improvised danceable grooves to a club called the White Rabbit. Influenced by funk, soul, reggae, hip-hop, and jazz. This mix with the Marmalade vibe is the defining factor that sets this group apart in Seattle's flourishing Groove scene. Giving the audience a positive, energetic, and free feeling.

More than a band, this music collective is made up of members of Cascadia 10, Thaddilac, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Wheedles Groove, Pigeonhed (Live band), Clinton Ferron, Phat Sidy Smokehouse, Nu Sol Tribe and Adrian Xavier nightly invents new music to move your body and soul. The musicians are: Ernest Pumphrey Jr.(Voice), Davee C (Drums), Tyrone "Bob" Lovelace (Bass, MC LBD), Chad Redlight (Keyboards/Voice/Percussion), Buddhaful Mike (Keyboards), Anthony "Funkscribe" Warner, Brian "StingShark" Ray (Guitar/Voice), Kimo Muraki (Guitar/Voice), BigTalk Jon Ryser (Saxophone), Chris "CD" Littlefield (trumpet), and Adrian Witherspoon (trombone). In addition to the live band, DJ Leopold Bloom and DJ Shapeshifter add beats, samples, and scratches that interact with in the bands sound. Creating the original and unique Marmalade sound.

The night at the White Rabbit has become so popular that the group has been all over the globe. No matter where they perform, they bring an energy that transforms any venue into a platform for Marmalade to take over.

With a complete night of auditory and visual satisfaction, Marmalade reminds you of how much fun life can be.


Ernest Pumphrey, Jr. - Voice/Master of Ceremonies

Davee C - Drum Kit

Bob Lovelace - Bass/Lyrics

DJ Leopold Bloom - Turntables

DJ Shapeshifter - Turntables

StingShark - Guitar/Voice

Chad Redlight - Keyboards/Drums/Voice

Buddhaful Mike - Keyboards

Anthony "Funkscribe" Warner - Keyboards

Kimo Muraki - Guitar/Voice

BigTalk Jon Rÿser - Alto and Baritone Sax

Chris "CD" Littlefield - Trumpet/Flugelforn

Adrian Witherspoon - Trombone

Honorary Marmaladians:

Johnie Burk - Guitar

Funk Love - Voice/Style

Lennox Holness - Bass

"Wild" Bill Jones - Trumpet

Fysah Thomas - Voice