Klozd Sirkut
Klozd Sirkut Fronted by Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe’s Trumpeter Chris Littlefield, this group of four well seasoned funk musicians harness the latest advances in music technology to it’s fullest potential. Their evolutionary hybrid sound is derived from a vast pallet of influences ranging from Funk, Jazz, Rock, Soul to World-Beat all blended together with a heavy dose of ‘EDM’ [ Electronic Dance Music ].

Klozd Sirkut utilizes unique hybrid electro-instrumental setups combined with sound effects, recorded loops all layered over a hard groovin', beat driven framework to make their undeniable signature sound. Their mission; to grab you by the senses and take you on a voyage to a sonic oasis guided by their musical craftsmanship.

With a firm grip on their creative reality and fingers on the pulse of things yet to come, the dance floor is in the palm of their hands. It's a brave new world out there where the future is now, and Klozd Sirkut is the way forward delivering the goods in techno-color.