Blair Crimmins and The Hookers
Blair Crimmins and The Hookers Blair Crimmins is a time traveler of sorts. He's a kind of music preservationist seeking to reintroduce the clamor of vaudeville and the wild glamor of speakeasies and jazz to an audience less aware.

A knowledgeable musical historian, Crimmins plays the liveliest music of the dead with such an authentic form that it leaves listeners wondering if they have stumbled upon some obscure, Depression-era, gypsy-jazz recording.

He takes patches of ragtime, blues and jazz and stitches them to the fabric of modern-day bluegrass and Americana.

He creates a sound that echoes the ghosts of its musical past.

Haunting yet advancing, Crimmins brings back the music that helped heal the hearts of a struggling nation at a time when perhaps we could use it once more.