Caveman (PA)
Caveman (PA) Caveman is a continuously evolving live experience. Since forming in NYC in the summer of 2001, the instrumental quartet has been mesmerizing audiences throughout the East Coast and Canada with their unique style. Caveman combines elements of interplanetary rock, psycho-blues, and kamikaze jazz with tribal music of Africa, India, Ireland, Brazil, and the Middle East.

These four highly trained musicians fuse their individual experiences into a single musical force. Their tight compositional arrangements coupled with spontaneous, passionate improvisation know no boundaries. Each composition takes the listener on a unique journey, delving into the emotions of the human soul. Caveman's animalistic stage presence and endless variety of grooves and tribal rhythms awaken the inherent primitive spirit to get everyone moving to the music. Caveman garners positive feedback wherever they travel, and in turn, there is a growing excitement in the music community about the future of Caveman.