Andrew Christopoulos
Andrew Christopoulos Music is my passion. It drives me like nothing else can. My father and now collaborator, George, forced me to take piano lessons and practice (nearly) daily for six years. When I was in seventh grade I was diagnosed with a blood disease and underwent about a year and a half of chemo therapy treatments. While sick I stopped playing piano all together. Last year at this time I couldn't play a single... song on the piano. Taking a music theory class my sophomore year re-sparked my interest in piano. I began writing and playing every chance I got. My dad, who's been a musician for all of his life, has been playing with with me for as long as I can remember. Quarrels had previously disrupted any chance of real partnership to occur though. But with these new songs it was different. We were working together. Both father and son were passionate about the songs we were creating. Before long I had four or five songs that were coming along but not quite finished. Us Christopoulos boys are big dreamers and decided to pursue a better creative environment. My dad's life-long friend, and my "Uncle" Greg's guest garden house in Northern California, happened to be vacant for all of April. What better place to live in the music than among the redwoods. My dad allowed me to take a month off of school so we could go play music in seclusion. Time truly slipped away, there was no clock in the house for the first week. No cell phone, television, or Facebook for a month made life simpler and happier. We wrote new songs and perfected the already started ones. Most importantly, I learned to sing for the first time in my life. I genuinely love doing this so thank you for listening and keep an eye out for future releases!