Shocks of Mighty
Shocks of Mighty Shocks of Mighty formed from the ashes of several Manhattan bands (Lash Out, Jiffy Boy, Red Eldon and Lab M83) that had recently broken up in late 1997. With nothing left to do, Marc, Heath and Hans searched and collaborated to find people until the right personel were found. They settled on a line up and began practicing. Soon after, they played their first live show in February of '98 at a local house party. Their first live show at a venue soon followed in Omaha, Nebraska. After a full summer was under their belt, they were asked to open for the masters themselves, the legendary Skatalites. Other shows soon followed, including shows with The Slackers, Mu330, The Secretaries, Steady Ups, the Secondhands, Big Mountain and many more. Two trips to California to play and record came the following year. An album was recorded at Soundlab in Sacramento, CA. and at Z'gwon,th Studio in Lawrence, KS. The album was supposed to be released on Black Pearl Records in Koblenz, Germany. Then they lost some key members and it all fell apart. They broke up in February of 2000, and the album was never released.