Charli XCX
Charli XCX "It's quite simple," says 19-year-old shooting star Charli XCX. "We need to reboot British girl power, but this time with edge!" A bold claim, but if there's anyone whose fingers are best placed to hit CTRL-ALT-DEL on pop, it's Charli. Believe all you read about breaths of fresh air and you'd half expect a force ten gale to be blowing through the music industry but here, we have the real deal: a singer songwriter liberated from the acoustic guitar fixation that preoccupies so many; a teenage popstar with a good head on her shoulders and a sharp mind in her head.

Charli's live performances, like her music, are raw but multi-layered, sometimes stark but with a beating human heart, and her collaborators - Ariel Rechtshaid (Major Lazer/Usher 'Climax'), Joakim Ã…hlund (Robyn), Patrik Berger (Lana Del Ray), Alex Metric - have helped unlock a unique talent. All pop is here, from Siouxsie to Spiceworld, The Knife to Nirvana. To achieve her intricate, post-apocalyptic pop with its evocative titles like 'Stay Away', 'Nuclear Seasons' and 'End Of The World' she is almost a pop lightning rod, pulling influences out of the sky and channeling them into the synthetic beats, fuzzy melodies and idiosyncratic perspectives that combine in the richly absorbing multi-media output of this compelling new artist.