Hotel Oscar
Hotel Oscar Hotel Oscar is a three-piece American roots rock band. The Destin, Fl band was formed in late 2010 by members, Mose Wilson (guitar/vox), Joe Bradford (bass/vox), and Clint Moreland (drums). The group released their debut album: Burgers & Fries in the spring of 2011 and are about to hit the studio for the recording of their follow-up LP titled Rock N' Roll Graveyard. The band's high energy is contagious and their sound is tight and unbelievably full, considering they are a trio.

Hotel Oscar draws influence from 60's and 70's artists like Bob Dylan, The Band, The Talking Heads, and The Kinks as well as modern groups like Wilco and My Morning Jacket. The "Rock N' Roll Graveyard Tour 2012" will kick off this fall and will include many cities within the Southeast.