Newport Jam
Newport Jam Newport Jam has been shaking the asses of audiences in the Midwest since 2007. As their name implies, Newport Jam's history started near the banks of the Wisconsin River in a town called Newport. Before they could even drive, Newport Jam could be heard jamming their sweet rock and reggae mix for miles. Lucky for you, Newport Jam has moved from the garage to the main stage; bringing with them a wide variety of music. At a NPJ show, you can expect to hear an ever-changing list of popular cover songs along with a good dose of their wicked originals. With three part vocal harmonies, killer bass lines, and a beat that's bouncin', NPJ stretches influence from all sides of the spectrum.

Today, NPJ has several years under their belt (and a couple hundred shows) and have released their debut album "So Far Away" (available on iTunes) and are currently producing their next EP and first music video.