Thee Evil Creatures
Thee Evil Creatures Satirical genre-hoppers Thee Evil Creatures have been feeding on the melted faces of festival-goers, basement-show freaks, and drunken indie kids since 2008. Switching instruments as often as they switch styles, the Creatures create an eclectic sonic pastiche, drawing elements of heavy rock, punk, folk, psychedelia, and straight madness into their maelstrom of power. With a solid reputation based on relentless regional touring and a chaotic, bizarre live experience, this young band is perched on the high precipice of history, waiting to grab rock and roll by the short hairs and teach the world the meaning of postcore.

I included a jpg pic for our profile pic, it doesn't meet the preferred size requirements but I was having a lot of trouble finding one that did. If that file is too big let me know and I can try to find another.