Ill Mannered
Ill Mannered Your New Favorite Band:

Colorado's ill-Mannered spawned in May of 2011. Its concept was simple in design; deliver high-energy, danceable music, while also maintaining a level of musicality that is not commonly seen in electronic music. BIG BEATS, BIG BASS, Song structure and IMPACT are what this band does best. ill-Mannered is a trio of 2 producers and one nasty drummer that do not tread lightly in the studio or on stage. Their truly versatile sound incorporates elements of hip-hop, dub, funk and rock into a roaring electronic soundscape.

ill-Mannered's Debut EP was released in Spring of 2011. The music is available for free and is being downloaded by the masses. over 3000 people downloaded their music in the first 48 hours of them releasing it. The band had no fans, had played no shows and hardly even had a name. The music stands for itself. Every day more and more people are hearing about ill-Mannered and tuning in for the long haul.

Since then, ill-Mannered has shared bills with Shpongle, Talib Kweli, Nosaj Thing, Break Science, Eliot Lipp, Signal Path, etc. Not too shabby for the first 6 months. Currently, their focus is on their upcoming album set to be released Summer 2012.