Haewa Haewa was formed in late 2011 in Rochester, New York. From deep pychedelia to funk and more, they create pulsating grooves which are complimented by textural blankets of ambience. These energetic and at times meditative improvisations lead you in and out of songs, both instrumental and lyrical. No two shows will ever be the same, taking audiences on journeys through landscapes of sound. The tone to the music is entirely organic, focusing on the human interpretation of guitar, bass and drum set, with small touches of subtle electronics (synthesizer, pedals and drum pad) to help deepen the collective array of sounds between the three members. With these tools, Ben Chilbert, Collin Jones and Riley Dichairo successfully transport the listener to a brand new sonic dimension.

With the release of their debut album "Deadwet Soundwaves" in November of 2012, Haewa clearly displayed their clean studio sound and ear for detail in a cohesive musical experience that flows from beginning to end.

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