Copper Into Steel
Copper Into Steel What do you get when you add twangy bluegrass to acoustic rock? What happens when you blend folk music with the blues?

The answer is Copper Into Steel, a band that creatively blends classic influences with a fresh vision for what modern Southern music could be.

Since their formation in early 2011, the Murfreesboro, Tenn. based band has impressed audiences with more than just musical talent. Copper's members demonstrate the epitome of an invigorating and upbeat performance style that always turns first-time listeners into fans.

With the ever-energetic Daniel Harry as the front-man and guitar player, Copper Into Steel has a strong acoustic pop influence that makes their music approachable and infectious. Their inarguably talented mandolin player and backup vocalist, Cody Chelius, brings the twang, inviting audiences to get down to their Southern roots and clap their hands or stomp their feet. Drummer Eric Lesser and bassist Chris Conrad work as ying and yang for Copper, with Conrad's smooth basslines matching and elevating Lesser's blistering intensity.

Copper Into Steel proves their passion every time they perform, and the members strive to create an environment where the audience is just as important as the band. At every show, Copper and its audience are both part of creating music that's unique and inspired. Hop on the bus and join Copper Into Steel on their musical journey by downloading a live show or catching them at one of their entertaining performances across the Southeast.