Crushed Out (formerly Boom Chick)
Crushed Out (formerly Boom Chick) Boom Chick is Frank Hoier on guitar & vocals and Moselle Spiller on drums. Formed in Brooklyn, NY Sept 2009, their sound is a reflection of their ecstatic love for early American rock & roll, surf guitar, early country music & Delta blues. They have released one album to date, Show Pony and as of February, 2012 a 7" single Shake Can Well.

Boom Chick's debut album Show Pony made Magnet Magazine's Best of 2010 List: Hidden Treasures. In the past year they've had their music featured in skateboard videos for Thrasher Magazine and Element Skateboards. Their song "Ghost of Bo Diddley" was featured in ESPN's series The Kids, and Big Star Jeans' fashion teaserAll Day.