Sons of Summer
Sons of Summer Shortly after forming in a basement bar under a frosty Mulberry street in New York City, during the winter of 2009. Australian trio “Sons of Summer” moved out of New York City and into the fastest growing city in China, Shenzhen. There they would play music six nights a week, hone their sound and write songs.

"Clint and I had been touring the US west coast and Canada while Luke was working in a bar in New York, starting the band began our year long adventure of traveling, creating music and chasing summer," says Julieanne.

After almost one year with time split between China and Australia the trio decided it was time to move back to the USA.

"We'd talked about LA, New York, Austin and Nashville – One night after a gig, we were sitting at street bbq and it was there we agreed Nashville was the place to start" – recalls Luke.

Fall 2010 saw Sons of Summer arrive in Nashville, Tennessee. Just three days after arriving they met with producer Rob Feaster. Playing for him informally in his living room., Feaster was impressed and began working with the band immediately, taking the role of producing their debut album at the renowned Castle Recording Studios in Franklin, TN.

"We didn't have any rules...just guidelines," says Feaster. "Clint, Jules and Luke are gifted singers, writers and musicians. Their songs tend to nudge you into an imaginary time and place and, as producer, I've tried to put that tactile emotion into a "soundscape". It often means incorporating very non-traditional musical arrangements with the goal of creating an episodic memory that never existed."

"The classic Australian music that is part of our heritage is steeped in Celtic melody and a strong sense of longing," says Clint. "We wanted to maintain this feeling in our music, as well as incorporate other influences like the California sound of the 70's, classic folk and even some psychedelic rock."

A compelling live act driven by a vocal blend that is as unique as it is rare and motivated by a deep myriad of influences Sons of Summer's beautifully crafted lyrics, honest melodies combined with an understated pyschedelic flavor leaves their audiences always wanting more.

Cameron Duke, local music blogger writes, "Their signature combination of dynamic energy and subtle intimacy make Sons of Summer's live performance impossible to forget as it draws a hungry audience back for more each time they play and sends them off with a partially-quenched thirst for this particular brand of goodness – ensuring they will be back."

This folk rock vocal trio catapults you into the daze of a dreamy summer, the music means something, It's real and you’re in it. "Sons of Summer" have released one song from the upcoming record as a free download. "The one I love the most" is available from