Luke Warm and the Cool Hands
Luke Warm and the Cool Hands Your buddies LWATCH have been playing bluegrass music in and around the Twin Cities since 2009. Come join us sometime; PJ will buy you a beer.

The fearless namesake, Luke (Warm) Kaster, plays the Dog House Bass whilst dancing like Ray Charles on Nyquil in a corduroy suit. Banjo-man Mattayboi Kaster, on Lead Vocals, dresses like an engineer and dances like a steam-piston. Johnny Aloysius Poquette plays a 6-string Seagull guitar and sings as high-and-lonesome as his french-canadian roots. Charley Batko fancies himself a renaissance man playing no less than 3 instruments each show: Mandolin, Fiddle, and Accordion. When he's not farming, current hair champ Michael Periolat is playin' the Lead Guitar and singing glorious harmonies. And finally Curtis T Wilson, official MC and laundrist, plays the washboard and will cue you when to "Snowball."