Broken Napoleons
Broken Napoleons With the release of their new full-length record Dead for Days, Broken Napoleons are creating their own niche in the crowded rock and roll scene. The trio developed their sound playing shows over the past couple of years around their hometown of Charlotte, NC, and manages to straddle the seemingly irreconcilable chasm between the tight song structures and aesthetic of indie rock, and the real-time exploratory mode of improv-driven jambands. Combined with an almost-but-not-quite-country storytelling sensibility, the music evokes an edge-of-consciousness vibe of driving at twilight on lesser traveled roads through strange towns across the American South, where sordid tales lurk just beneath the surface and the situation can always turn on a dime.

Not quite rock, not quite country, and not quite jammy, Dead for Days was recorded on and off over the course of a month in an abandoned funeral home, with help from Extracurricular Recordings (My So Called Band, IED, Rogue Nations).