The David Grisman Sextet
The David Grisman Sextet For nearly half a century, mandolinist / composer / bandleader / producer David Grisman has been a guiding force in the evolving world of acoustic music. His musical range is wide and deep - embracing many styles, genres and traditions. An acoustic pioneer and innovator, David forged a unique personal artistic path, skillfully combining elements of the great American music/art forms - jazz and bluegrass with many international flavors and sensibilities to create his own distinctive idiom 'Dawg' music (the nickname given him by Jerry Garcia.) In doing so, he's inspired new generations of acoustic string musicians, while creating his own niche in contemporary music.
The current lineup of the DAVID GRISMAN SEXTET includes bassist Jim Kerwin, flutist Matt Eakle, percussionist George Marsh, guitarist George Cole, and violinist Chad Manning.