The Jammists
The Jammists The Jammists is a groovy and bluesy SF Bay Area rock and jam band fueled by three gifted singer-songwriters who have collaborated for over 25 years. Since their inception in 2010, The Jammists have thrilled and chilled audiences throughout NorCal with their dueling guitar leads and goofy yet poignant lyrics.

While many "jam" bands hew close to their wanky genre, The Jammists' sound is an amalgam of 60's psychedelia rock, punk rock, country-western, and a smattering of jazz. Influences range wide, including The Meat Puppets, Tom Waits, Merle Haggard, and Radiohead, and yes, The Grateful Dead too. With great songs featuring tasty guitar and organ licks backed by an awesome get-down-and-boogie rhythm section, The Jammists provide tons of funky rhythms to keep the dance floor hopping and the cold beer flowing.