Horizon Wireless
Horizon Wireless DJ/Producer Harrison Waxenberg has been making music since he was able to tie his shoes. This might have been later than most children his age, but better late than never. After playing numerous shows and festivals under this moniker for the past year, Horizon Wireless seems to only be picking up speed and momentum. With the addition of Sol Montoya (Digifront) on drums, Horizon Wireless becomes a storm of soul smashing beats, titillating harmonies, and wet melodies. This sonic tsunami can easily induce multiple crowdgasms. Bringing a towel to shows is not only recommended, but also encouraged.

Since the beginning of 2011, Horizon Wireless has received considerable mention for every cut they have put out. Their first mix tape won Grassroots California's Mixtape Competition, landing them a sponsorship with one of the highest quality merchandisers in the music scene today. Shortly thereafter, their remix "My Baby Does Que?!" was released exclusively on the None Backwards "Spring Forwards" Compilation CD for Rock Against Cancer alongside acts like Big Gigantic, Archnemesis, Michal Menert, The Polish Ambassador, and Two Fresh. Their third release, "Can't Get Enough," was the #1 pick of the week on The Untz Picks of the Week Volume 20.

With custom designed sets for every single show and the uncanny ability bump any floor they're hosting, Horizon Wireless is generating an electrical storm that would excite Benjamin Franklin himself. Check them out the first chance you get.