TheBillySea Founded by slide guitar revolutionary Billy Cardine, 'TheBillySea' is a collection of prolific solo artists who have come together to achieve a unified and evolving common vision. The music, coined 'Global Americana', is firmly planted in American roots music, but also pulls influence from all corners of the world. Cardine, a classically trained pianist in his youth, eventually fell in love with the sound of the slide guitar and plays Dobro, Chaturangui, Weissenborn and Electric Steel guitars. River Guerguerian commands a wide range of musical styles on his unique blend of percussion instruments, combining elements and experience from all over the world, and resulting in a powerful rhythmic perspective that is both familiar and otherworldly. Bassist Jake Wolf adds his intricate and original mix of musical elements, as a powerful melodic voice and a driving rhythmic force on the 6 string bass.

Cardine's innovative work with the slide guitar has lead him as both a performer and educator around the world, as well as to some of our country's most revered venues, such as Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, and the Ryman Auditorium and major festivals, such as Bonnaroo, Merlefest and Rockygrass. As an active member of the bluegrass community, Billy's dobro playing was recently featured on Jerry Douglas' latest production, Southern Filibuster, honoring one of the forefathers of the instrument. His distinct voice on all things slide has lead him to collaborations with Led Zeppelin's own, John Paul Jones and world renowned, Edgar Meyer in his Porous Borders of Music brainchild. Billy's band, The Biscuit Burners, won national and international awards and recognition. His curiosity and drive led him to Kolkatta, India where he began studying under his now guru, India's acclaimed Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya. Back in the states, Billy's unique stylings and expertise attracted innovative analog music mogul, Moog Music. During 2010, he helped design their first electric slide guitar which he debuted at MoogFest that same year. Well known for his memorable compositions as well as his playing, his music has been featured on The History Channel's "Our Generation", BBC World's "Destination Music", and PBS' "RoadTrip Nation". Billy is always true to his personal quest to eliminate technical boundaries and connect to an honest expression of himself.

"Billy Cardine is an amazing Dobro player. He is fluent in everything that I do, and Josh Graves, and everybody that has come before. I got to be with him for a little while at Carnegie Hall for Edgar Meyer's "Porous Borders (of music)"...I couldn't have picked a better example for them of where the Dobro is now or what the possibilities are with the instrument." -- Jerry Douglas

Drawing on a diverse background, River Guerguerian plays many genres of music pulling original sound from Frame Drums, Middle Eastern and Afro-Cuban percussion, Drumset, Marimba, Tabla, Kanjira, Cajon, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Loopers, and various found objects. He graduated from the Manhattan School of Music Conservatory with the school's award for Most Outstanding Percussionist. In 1994, River sold all his possessions, left civilization for five years, and lived in wildlife sanctuary in the Himalayas. The raw power of nature initiated intense research and experimentation into the physiological effect of sound on brainwaves states. River continued his investigations into trance-inducing instrumentation as he traveled to different cultures learning unique methods and techniques. As a composer, his compositions have been commissioned and performed by chamber ensembles, universities, modern dance companies, and new music festivals. River makes his home in Asheville NC, a community that is celebrated for its music, largely in an Americana vein. For 'TheBillySea', he combines his understanding of the music of the Appalachian mountains with his lifelong development of his personal vision, to bring a powerful rhythmic perspective that is both familiar and other-worldly.

"Guerguerian's composition, sensationally performed, devoted itself even more religiously to the possibilities of pure sound." —The New York Times

Wolf is an in demand player for both stage and studio, known as a quick study with great skill tempered with great taste. He is a former student of the renowned Ali Akbar College of music, and a graduate of the Music Production program at The Evergreen State College. Whether he's providing lush textural backgrounds, driving percussive rhythms, or soaring melodies, his music is known in the solo bass community and through his versatile sideman work for its depth and dimension. Jake is a staff writer for Bass Musician Magazine.