SYNRGY Hometown: Ashland, Or

Genres: World/Reggae / Ska / Rocksteady

Brian Zach - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Keyboard
Chase Larue - Lead Guitar
Scott Kranzberg - Bass
Rich Tobin - Keyboards
Daniel Grantz - Drums

The word synergy means: Forces coming together to be greater in magnitude than the sum of their separate parts. We, the band SYNRGY, try to take this definition into the realm of the music we create, and our relationship with our audience.

We formed in Flagstaff Arizona in Spring of 2007. After becoming one of the most locally recognized bands in the area, we decided to spread our wings into the bigger skies to the West. We relocated to Humboldt County California in Summer of 2008, to embrace the culture that only Northern California had to offer.

In early 2010, we released our first studio album "Live in Love". Live in Love has 11 original SYNRGY tracks including hits such as: Breaking All The Rules, Good Dog Down, Sincerely Guilty and Tell Me Why.

In spring of 2010, SYNRGY's Lead Singer, Brian Zach, released an 18 track acoustic album called "Dream On." Dream On includes songs such as Hypocracy, Bombs Away, Blow Those Clouds Away, and Back To Where I Came.

Live in Love and Dream On are both available for sale on Itunes. Since the albums release, we have been touring aggressively through out the Western United States, enjoying the wonderful friends and family that music has provided.

With a backbone of Reggae, limbs and organs of Funk, Rock, Ska, and Rock-Steady, SYNRGY is a high energy treat for any live music lover. We demand movement from our audiences, which makes our shows an experience few forget. The conscious messages entwined in the songs aspire to inspire the minds of all who can perceive them. With your help, Synrgy is stronger. Join in with SYNRGY. "Love will grow wherever you shine the light. So shine, we choose to shine. Because we are the strong, We Live in Love." –(Live in Love lyrics)