Slim Thugz
Slim Thugz lim Thugz is the Colorado based, newly formed collaboration between The Mile High Sound Movement’s exceptionally dedicated and talented producers Frequent C and The Candyman. Upon recognizing the near-limitless potential of combining their vast and different musical backgrounds ranging from hip-hop to dub, jazz to chill-out, and funk to glitch, Slim Thugz joined forces and began their odyssey towards inundating the Colorado music scene with completely original performances and coining their own genre, “Jazz-Step.” Their live show combines crafty remixing and sampling of all-original Slim Thugz material in addition to improvisational embellishment with live instrumentation including keyboards, synthesizers, and sample pads. Slim Thugz also excels at layering your favorite MC’s a-capella vocals over some of the crunchiest, most dance-able and exciting original beats to create perfect party music for a wide variety of audiences. After only a year of producing music together, Slim Thugz have already performed at festivals such as Sonic Bloom, Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks, and Powellpalooza just to name a few. -Ethan Baer,