Ol' Cabbage
Ol' Cabbage Ol' Cabbage's 3 main members have been in a band together since high school. Working through college as members of a cover band, Rich, Gary, and John became accustomed to each other's style of playing. Once the cover scene got tiring, the guys decided to make a change. They decided to start trying to create some original pieces and make a new start with a new name.

For almost 3 years the band has been writing material and cementing their style. The music has a jam beat but is driven by rock overtones. John, with some help from Ryan, keep the tempo steady for the band while Craig and Gary lock up on riffs and play the melodys. Nick adds some keys on the top to round things off. Rich has moved away for work but still catches a gig or two to add some extra guitar harmonies to sweeten the sound. The band is influenced by many people including local musicians, Tea Leaf Green, Lotus, Hendrix, SRV, Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, moe. and many more.

Due to practicing in a small room the band has learned to control their volumes very well. Soundmen, club owners, and other musicians have complimented them on this quality. The band credits this to the nature of their music, they need to hear what each other is playing to contribute to the jam. The name itself is simple. One evening after a bike ride, the guys came back into the house. Upon entering, a friend said the house smelled like old cabbage. Another guest chimed in, "Hey that would make a good band name!" It was official.


John Minsavage - Drums/vocals
Ryan Post - Djembe
Nick Sapiego - Keys
Rich Zaverack - Guitar/vocals
Craig Kowalick - Guitar/vocals
Gary Mikulski - Bass/vocals
Sheamus O'Cabbage - Mascot