The Cold Roses
The Cold Roses The Cold Roses deliver a rock and roll infused, folk-pop sound with an indie music vibe that owes as much to classic favorites like Neil Young and R.E.M. as it does to new alt-country rockers like Ryan Adams, Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket. Without straying too far from the "3 to 4 minute" pop song formula, The Cold Roses add a melodic richness and complexity to their songs that goes beyond the self-limiting three-chord standard. The band's songs have been described as thought provoking with a slight melancholy vibe but offer an importance of dynamics, emotional resonance, and personal urgency! ----- "The Cold Roses' material ranges from the elegiac "A Letter to Caroline" to the Foo Fighters-meets-R.E.M. romp." - Matt Wake / Metromix ----- "The Cold Roses play rock 'n' roll the way it ought to be played ...... delivers a no-frills sound packed with true grit and heartfelt emotion. Think early R.E.M. and Crazy Horse-era Neil Young mixed with contemporary artists such as Ryan Adams and Band of Horses ...." - Dan Armonaitis / Spartanburg Herald Journal.