PJ's My Cousin Too
PJ's My Cousin Too PJ’s My Cousin Too is a Michigan/Illinois fusion of rhythm and funk formed by Michigan cousins Ryan Kramar and Jordan Jackson. The band added Brent Popejoy on bass and Andy Perostianis on drums to complete their funktropic sound in late 2010 and are currently based out of Chicago, IL. The band's interests and influences reflect the diversity of the city they call home and they maintain a goal of not being assigned a category—just a good time and a good sound.

Originally from Lake Orion, Michigan, Ryan Kramar is the singer and guitarist for PJ's. Ryan has been in a number of bands over the years, including his current other project, Hemi. A laid back, free-spirit, Ryan urges the crowd to rock with PJ's through his Kramarisms and "mystique".

Jordan Jackson is the guitarist for PJ's, originally from Clarkston Michigan. Jordan has been playing and writing songs since high school and helped form the band upon moving to Chicago in 2009. Though originally an acoustic player, Jordan has expanded to electric with PJ's. He does not intend to bring his talents to South Beach at this time.

Born and raised in Chicago, Brent Popejoy joined PJ’s My Cousin Too on bass in 2010. After leaving Chicago for college and grad school, Brent returned to Chicago with his wife, Nikki. He is a long time musician (not just bass!), an avid learner, and a tenacious reader. Brent would like to reiterate that he is not from Michigan.

Andy Perostianis is a guitarist/singer/songwriter with over 15 years live experience in the bands Middle 8 and The Good Mondays as well as performances with many other bands. When approached by PJ's, Andy decided to rediscover his drum skills and add to his musical experience. Andy is a fan of Chambord.