The Ty Curtis Band
The Ty Curtis Band Ty Curtis is consumed by his music. There is no other way to explain how, at such a young age, this 23 year old, Salem Oregon based, vocalist/guitarist/song writer has amassed a recording catalog of three critically acclaimed albums, earned 2nd place, in the prestigious 2009 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and is nightly thrilling audiences from the Pacific Northwest to Montreal.

The 2nd place in the prestigious 2009 International Blues Challenge in Memphis catapulted the Ty Curtis Band on to the world stage.

Blues Challenge panelist and Grammy award winning producer David Z (Prince, Etta James, Jonny Lang) took a special interest in the band, which lead to his work as producer/engineer on Ty and the band’s latest and most notable album "Cross That Line". The 2010 released album is climbing up the charts on hundreds of radio station throughout North America, Europe, Australia and South America. "Fools Game" and "What He Don’t Know" are just two of multiple tracks on the air.