John Salamone Band
John Salamone Band The sound of John Salamone Band can best be described by getting to know it's members:Nick Vacante, mixes a lead style somewhere between the melodic, spacey textures of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and the explosive blues improv of Mike McCready (Pearl Jam).Bassist, Brian Beard, known to most solely by his last name, is much more than a bass player. Beard is a well rounded musician and songwriter whose eclectic record collection can be heard in the way he plays. He has the ability to be inventive and "out of the box" while still maintaining a familiar groove and feel.Drummer, Zack Zimmer, has been playing the drums since a very young age. He is the type of drummer that knows how to play for the song. Zack knows how to feed and support the melody and the singing,with dynamics and precision.Finally, singer / songwriter / guitarist John Salamone "Our band is lost in the broad spectrum of rock...we don't try to write a certain way or in a certain style. I certainly don't try to sing like anyone else but we are the product of the music that we love and listen to. I have a hard time describing the sound because I think that the listener has different references that they'll compare it to...we all listen to different stuff but who doesn't love a good song? The sound of our band is good songs!!!