Sunflower and the Seeds
Sunflower and the Seeds Sunflower and the Seeds is a 6-piece folk/rock jam band from north New Jersey that started out as Kyra "Sunflower" Schenck's acoustic act. Shortly, after appearing on the New Jersey open-mic scene in 2007, Kyra joined a local jam band where she met blues-based lead guitarist Teddy Owen and drummer Joe Huster. The three of them became friends instantly, and after the project's demise, she began to realize her true passion and vision: to spread positive vibes and thoughts through music and lyrics. Upon her decision to front her own band, it seemed only natural to include both Joe and Teddy. Bassist Alex Denney and experienced keyboardist (and father) Bo Schenck finalized the band line-up to help bring this vision to reality. Soon after the band started to play live, drummer Joe Huster, suggested to the rest of the group that long-time friend and guitarist Jovan Mann should join the group. Reluctant to include another guitarist in the band, they decided to give Jovan a chance and let him sit-in for a show. Impressed with Jovan's guitar playing, musical sensibility, and personality it was decided that he was a good fit within the band and was included to round out the final line-up for Sunflower and the Seeds.

The sound of the band is unique given the musical diversity between all of the members. Kyra, as the driving force and main songwriter for Sunflower and the Seeds, has a keen ear for both melody and rhythm. Her unique and charming voice compliment her inspirational lyrics, and engaging melodies. Bassist Alex Denney's ability to think outside the box provides the band with melodic, groovy, Paul McCartney-esque basslines that add dynamics and depth to the rhythm section. Drummer Joe Huster's drumming style is undoubtedly loud and powerful. Though his hard rock roots are prominent in his style, his capacity to play more funk-based rhythms help he and Alex lock up in the rhythm section. Bo is the experienced and seasoned musician of the group whom all the band members look up to. His impressive command of the keyboard is second to none, and adds a lush, full, sound to the band. Teddy Owen's guitar is an important factor in the overall sound of the band. His "Hendrix-y" guitar style and exceptional guitar tone provides an interesting layer to the songs. Jovan's lead guitar style is rooted in a blues-based, hard-rock vein that is slightly more energetic than Teddy's smoother guitar style, and provides the band with a more "rock'n'roll" element. Both Teddy and Jovan's Allman Brothers-like approach to guitar harmonies are a decisive part of the overall sound of Sunflower and the Seeds.

Band Line-up

Kyra "Sunflower" Schenck - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Bo Schenck - Keyboards, background vocals
Alex Denney - Bass, background vocals
Teddy Owen - electric guitar, background vocals
Jovan Mann - electric guitar, background vocals
Joe Huster - Drums