The Electric Boa
The Electric Boa In a flash of bright, colorful, iridescent light The Electric Boa don't just remind you of all things rock, they ARE all things rock - now, yesterday and tomorrow.

At once raw, uncut, sophisticated and artful, while you dance your ass off with arms raised throwin' some metal. Born of the Depression of '08, The Electric Boa reminds you that while all around may be collapsing, you've at least got immediately classic tunes to sing along with and that only rock-n-fuckin' roll matters, anyway. A monochrome world has just been hit with Technicolor, glitter and raw power at 140 db's.There are no homages in their music. They use classic rock like bricks to build their mansion, like Shakespeare used words. How could there not be Bowie, the Stooges, Priest, Aerosmith, The Faces and Cheap Trick in the mortar? As in all seminal music, they renew and reinvent what came before. Not just as new kind of gun, The Electric Boa's music is a laser beam fired at point-blank range. Led by their iconic front man, Higgsy, a sinewy, whirling candy man singing prose of the underside of the American dream, every line and chord of The Electric Boa is as cinematic as a David Lynch film while astoundingly pure in heart-felt love. There's no hope because that implies passiveness - they DO, they TAKE, they CELEBRATE and unblinkingly hold it close.

Drive through the landscape at 120 mph in your '72 Eldorado, top down, with nothing but power chords lingering in your vapor trail.

Ladies and gentlemen...
From Philadelphia, PA...

The Electric Boa