The ZydeCoasters
The ZydeCoasters The Story of The ZydeCoasters: Joe Jogerst, former member of Leftover Salmon, formed The ZydeCoasters with the vision of creating a progressive, energetic Zydeco-Cajun band that featured dueling accordions. Joe's accordion and whirling Hammond B-3 organ together with drummer and power house Jake Coffin's contagious rhythms were a driving force behind the band's original Zydeco-Cajun Rock sound. Joe took the reins in creating, promoting and booking the band. As The ZydeCoasters started to take off, 3 of the band members who Joe had originally invited to join the band, turned on the other members. This caused Jake and Joe to leave the band and the ZydeCoasters were disbanded. Since then, the 3 remnants of the band are playing as the ZydeCoasters. They can call themselves the ZydeCoasters but it's not the same band anymore.