Tom Burgess
Tom Burgess Tom Burgess is a Rhode Island native with a knack for playing and writing recognized Americana music. He has resided locally in RI his whole life; minus a one year trip to Florida. Some of Tom Burgess' influences are: The Band, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Allman Brothers, the Grateful Dead, Lynyrnd Skynyrd, the Marshall Tucker Band, Earl Scruggs, Lester Flat and Roy Acuff Jr... and anything Levon Helm does. This mesh of musical influence produces a unique and rich sound in original works, which is the trademark sound of Tom Burgess.

Navigating the course to find the perfect sound in an ocean of infinite possibilities has taken Tom through many experiences working with different variations of bands. Since 2008, Tom has played with the Jamhawks in MA, Smokehouse in RI, and most recently with the Memory Foam Duck in Narragansett, RI. Depending on the venues capacity and specific criteria, Tom does shows as a solo artist, duo, and up to a five piece band. Playing around 50-75 shows a year, different shows call for a different band-size, and while it is preferred to play with a full band, Tom is adaptive and accustomed to playing with all types of band sizes. The Latest project, "Tom Burgess and Memory Foam Duck", is composed of local professional musicians, who together have individually and collectively played over a thousand shows.