Sunset Bridge Band
Sunset Bridge Band Since releasing their second album in 2010, Sunset Bridge Band has gained an intimate admiration from fans throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Fronted by Gracie Grieshop and outfitted by AJ Topp, Paul Needles, and Mike Rumore, the quartet has released peerless earworms such as, “No Worries”, “Big Black Tears”, and “Good Ol’ Dog”. In 2012 the band released their first music video “No Worries”, directed and produced by the late Daniel Baeder. Most recently, “Live at The Hideaway Café” encapsulates a Pop Folk southern twist of tunes succeeding.

Sunset Bridge Band performs almost all original material of Pop-Folk Originals involving Banjo, Acoustic Guitars, Stand Up Drum Kit, Electric & Double Bass with female vocals and male back up vocals.