Dana Monteith
Dana Monteith "Americana singer/songwriter Dana Monteith’s first solo CD, “Truck Stop Love Ballads” is “as honest of a recording as you are bound to come across in 2007. Truck Stop Love Ballads weave personal experience with emotion and engaging pop culture references that keep listeners coming back for more. To boot Dana displays on this album that he’s a killer guitarist and has a unique voice that works perfectly for his special brand of music. This is the first solo album from Dana Monteith, founder of the infamous psychedelic improvisational rock band Ominous Seapods. Dropping out of college to purse music full-time, Dana toured North America in a van performing clubs, theaters and festivals. From the Wetlands in New York City to the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, Dana and the Seapods tore up the highways and byways of America through-out the 90’s leaving behind a legacy of 5 CD’s, thousands of live recordings and countless fans. In the end the band imploded and after their final blow out down on the Baja Peninsula, Mexico the band flew home and called it a day. The Seapods were pioneers of their genre, and what set them apart from their peers was the gifted songwriting skills of the band. Dana was a major force in this process and the songs on Truck Stop Love Ballads represent his songwriting with it’s raw honesty. This album is also about the do it yourself philosophy. Taking full advantage of the available technology, Dana set-up Kitchen Table Recording Corporation of America, a mobile recording facility to create all technical aspects of this album. For the Love of Waffle House, the endless procession of the white lines on a billboard sky, years on the drunk and the pious clarity of sobriety and the release from said cause of clarity to a glorious stoned state. A life in constant motion, the hum of the highway, the bright city lights. All at once heartbreakingly sarcastic beautifully sad redemption. It’s raining out but it always is unless it’s not. Something is about to happen and I can’t put my finger on it. Might as well sing some Truck Stop Love Ballads."