The White Stripes

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  • Icky Thump
    Icky Thump
  • Get Behind Me Satan
    Get Behind Me Satan
    Their fifth album, Get Behind Me Satan is the strangest and least focused effort by these unlikely garage rock superstars to date. It's also their finest, an Exile on Main Street-ish mish-mash where the sum is greater than the parts. --Mike McGonigal
  • Elephant
    Check out the startling, Queen-inspired "There's No Home for You Here," while the deep bass line on "Seven Nation Army" makes it a classic indie dance track. But while some songs fly off into new realms, there's plenty of their trademark straight-up bluesy rock, notably the overtly sexual "Ball and Biscuit." And there's Jack's plaintive, resolutely modest and yet theatrical voice
  • White Blood Cells
    White Blood Cells
    The album is so rich with basic variations on a simple theme it's hard to believe such soulful energy comes from just two people. White Blood Cells is an amazing piece of work, a benchmark that ought to inspire new legions of garage rockers for years to come.
  • De Stijl
    De Stijl
    De Stijl, the Dutch word for the style, is the sophomore CD from the Southwest Detroit brother and sister duo THE WHITE STRIPES. This album is based more on piano, open-A tuning and primal drum beats. It is also augmented by electric violin, acoustic bass and presents the listener with more melodic pieces.
  • The White Stripes
    The White Stripes