Abused Romance
Abused Romance "Temptation, frustration/Your love bleeds into hate/You fed me this apple/How bittersweet the taste/I wonder if I'll breathe again/Then I inhale…" - "Vaporize," Abused Romance

"We are fascinated by the contradictions in the world today. What seems amazing can end up badly and the other way around. We believe that contradiction is the core of life. The most amazing romances can come with some abusive moments. Also, our music is aggressive and yet extremely melodic... some abusive, some romantic."

That's Abused Romance's lead singer, guitar player and songwriter Meir Yaniv, discussing where the band's name came from. Abused Romance's musical passion is the real deal, and the songs on the debut CD Shine (Freeway Entertainment/Universal Music Distribution) prove it. The alternative rock band features Meir Yaniv (Vocals, Guitar), Amit Ofir (Guitar), Roy Chen (Drums) and Aetam Jakob (Bass).

Abused Romance recorded the album in Los Angeles with producer Justin Gray (who has sold more than 20 million records worldwide, working with artists such as Joss Stone, INXS members and many more), mixed by legendary mixer Randy Staub (U2, Metallica, Nickelback, Bon Jovi), mastered by Ted Jensen (Paramore, Metallica, Green Day) and will be released late 2010. Their label is a division of Freeway Entertainment, which was formed by Russ Regan (former president of Motown Records, 20th Century Records, selling over a billion records worldwide), and general partner Kent Jacobs (Police, Kiss, Prince, REM) in August of 2009. It's distributed through Universal Music Distribution. Their fans often compare their music to such bands as Incubus, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rise Against and Metallica.

"Our vision for Shine was to create a fresh sound in mainstream and alternative rock. Our influences are very diverse and come from a wide range of artists and genres. We wanted to create music that is beautiful and powerful, create songs that are real and have the biggest rock sound today. To me this album is epic," states Meir Yaniv.

"Amit (the guitar player in the band) and I grew up together and started playing guitar together at the age of 13." Meir reveals. "Amit introduced me to Metallica, and from there I knew that creating and performing music is my calling. We formed our first band together at the age of 14 and co wrote songs. About three years ago, Amit and I found our brothers/band mates for Abused Romance: Roy Chen, our drummer, then Aetam Jakob, our bass player." "We never chose music…music chose us, "Meir says. "When we started playing we did it as entertainment but then songs started to come up in our minds. When an amazing melody comes to my mind (which happens very often) I HAVE to write it and play it. It is just all we want to do. After we sweat and spit blood writing a song we listen back, and when it sounds good it is probably the best feeling in the world, nothing compares to it and we just got addicted. We do music because it is our life, this is really who we are as people - we ARE Abused Romance. Our motivation is this intense drive to be the best at what we do and share it with as many people in the world."

Speaking of which, the band plans to tour extensively in late summer/early fall." Abused Romance live is a whole different experience than listening to the album. It is an amazing energy and love exchange between us and the audience, because all we see is people's physical reactions, we feed off of that and push it back to them constantly throughout the show. We're as real, as powerful and as raw as we can possibly be onstage to create truthful moments with the crowd. It feels like it is our purpose in life when we are up there" states Amit Ofir. "Every Abused Romance song, live or on record, takes you on an intense trip. This trip will love you, punch you, smash you to the ground, pick you back up and will make you feel that you're alive," promises Meir. "Abused Romance's music is an all in the moment. We write and play songs with the thought in mind that each moment of the song will have an impact…that every moment should count. We are all about modern, clean, powerful, energetic and edgy sound. When you hear an Abused Romance song, you'll definitely know it's us…."

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