Triscale Powerhouse funk-rock trio Triscale draws on legendary influences to create a unique sound, mixing rock with funk, throwing a little jazz & reggae on the top & serving it up with a side of soul. Their live shows have a psychedelic jam-band quality with get-down grooves; a sonic ride you can blissfully lose yourself in. One fan called Triscale’s music a vacation for her ears. When asked to describe the sound frontman and guitarist Eric Steele put it this way: "It's kind of like a big cooking experiment - we take the energy at the venue and the crowd's mood and just start mixing that into the music to see what happens from there. Every single person at the show and the feeling of each moment has the ability to affect the music, varying the recipe. You might get soul food and homebrew or a tripped-out sci-fi experiment but it’s cool either way because it's all delicious."

Specific influences in no certain order include Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Jimi Hendrix, Clutch, Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals, Galactic, Bill Withers, James Brown, Lenny Kravitz, Ray Charles, The Allman Brothers... and countless other soulful artists that have moved Eric, Shirley and John at any given time, including many they've worked with, caught in a local bar, or shared the stage with.

Recently Triscale has had the honor of sharing venue and festival bills with an assortment of popular independent touring acts including The Jamie McLean Band, Niki Barr Band, Sol Roots, Yo Momma's Big Fat Booty Band, DJ Williams Projekt, Josh Phillips Folk Festival, The Lee Boys, Boombox, EOTO and more. In August of 2010, a rough mix of "Backtalk," one of the tracks due to appear on Triscale's Fall 2010 CD release, placed in the top 50 out of over 6,000 entries worldwide in The Hendrix Revolution Compilation CD Contest.

Triscale may be a three piece but the sound they generate live is so full it often takes newcomers by surprise, making them wonder where they're hiding the rest of the band. Down to earth grooves and heavenly sounds intended to move and uplift you, all coming from a little band with a big sound.


"Triscale is a rock-solid juggernaut of blues-based rock music. With only 3 pieces, the'all killer, no filler’ mantra is even more amazing because NOTHING IS MISSING. Their sound is full and their performances flawless. Great original songs offset by well chosen covers make for a versatile sound that is sure to please the patrons of nearly any venue in the area. Catch the vibe and catch the band. You won’t regret a thing except not catching 'em sooner." - Bubba J. Tackleberry on

"In the decade that I have been involved with live music, it is rare that I have come across a band of musicians that are as affable and easy to work with as Triscale. They are not only consummate artists on stage, but they have a truly collaborative and promotional mind off stage. They are organic, approachable and they are growing in a direction that will take them to places they want to go and greater." – Ian Fortier, independent live music promoter and current Front of House manager for The Jefferson Center, Roanoke, VA

"...This funk-rock trio adds heaping helpings of psychedelic guitar...Hear solid rock hooks and good grooves...Groove-rockers bring good guitar tone, slick drum chops and extended guitar solos... Triscale's originals summon forth the vibes of Mountain, Spirit, Band of Gypsies and other funky rockers... This band can rock your funk or funk your rock. Either way, it's a groove." -Tad Dickens, Roanoke-Times Music Writer