Dank Sinatra
Dank Sinatra Formed in the spring of 2010, this Athens, GA based quintet has hit the road running ever since day one. This is a band that continually pushes themselves to create a unique sound that is more concerned with feeling and intensity than it is with correctness and convention. It is a group of musicians that recognizes it is only the sum of their parts that makes their whole, and who find joy in the act of creatively combining their own individual musical ideas and notions with each other in order to create one single piece of music they can share with the people around them. This idea, as one can imagine, has only grown and matured throughout the years of the band’s existence, and finds itself currently manifested in cleverly constructed songs and hooks, as well as one-off musical passages that have no other origin but the moment in which they are being played. Dank Sinatra truly seeks to attract listeners of all kinds to enjoy their music and they strive to be a band that anyone who enjoys music and the communicative spirit that goes along with it can all agree upon. The Dank train can and will travel over any river, valley, or ice road mountain pass in order to bring some dancin’ music to the people. One thing is for sure, if you see the Dank train rolling your way, you’d best hop on.

'If it is said that fire dancing shall be considered an art, then so too sex, drugs, and rock and roll.' -Bob C. Barley

While this does not apply to Dank Sinatra, it is true what people have been known to say about them: funny name… serious sound. Aboard the Dank train you will find an electric mix of live show experimentation and meticulous songwriting. There is humor, wit, and gregariousness. Surges of serious energy and dedicated intensity fuse with lighthearted grace and delivery. The Dank train has traveled far and wide to drink all the sweet tea in the land, and has been seen making stops at the Wakarusa Music and Arts Festival along with posh night clubs all throughout the Appalachian region of the world. Moving full steam ahead, Dank Sinatra is proud to be in their fourth year of existence as a band with an exciting new line up and even more exciting and notable plans for the future.

Their new album "Strange" will be released this fall.

Dank Sinatra is:
Matt Henderson – Keys, Vocals
Joe Gaines – Guitar, Vocals
Clint Meadows – Bass, fire-dancing
Josh Birmingham – Drums, Vocals
Jimmy Bones – Guitar, Vocals