Kingdom Kingdom is a Brooklyn-based producer and DJ whose signature sets and productions have been gathering a rabid following since he released his first mixtape in 2006. Since then, DJs from Diplo to BBC's Annie Mac have given his tracks spins, and with his recent signing to Fools Gold Records and his debut single "Mind Reader", there's no doubt that Kingdom is the young American producer to watch. Kingdom may play everything from kuduro to juke, but R&B is his first love, and it shows in his bass-heavy remixes and original tracks, often featuring R&B vocal samples on top of his trademark production style—what some have called "a Brooklyn take on the UK garage sound." This vanguard of tropical blends, Latin stylings and bass-heavy, dance-savvy sounds from around the world is catching the ear of more than a few tastemakers. Kingdom has received positive press and praise from magazines such as The Fader and XLR8R, to trendsetting blogs such as Discobelle and Fluokids, but his eclectic, forward-thinking style blows right past the buzz. Bok Bok of the London-based Lower End Spasm blog attested: "The genres Kingdom dips into range across the board, but his mixes create within themselves a new logic, a gutter house aesthetic that just makes sense."