Landing On The Moon
Landing On The Moon "With spot-on vocals and lush three-piece harmonies, they accomplish what few local groups can – originality and consistency." – Will Simons, Omaha City Weekly

With odds stacked against its existence as a band since day one, Omaha, Nebraska's Landing On The Moon has risen above the circumstances. This quintet could easily be perceived as unlikely suspects to thrive in the current era of rock 'n roll, but the band carries itself with the confidence of an underdog. The bond is tight with this outfit, consisting of a set of siblings, a pair of spouses, and two friends that are like brothers to the rest. The writing and composition is shared. The sound is thick and detailed, from the soaring guitars, to the prominence the rhythm section, to the mesmerizing piano work, to the cap of shared male/female harmonies that always deliver a heartfelt message.

With a completely working-class and honest approach, the members of Landing On The Moon combine decades of musical experience and education and true friendship. The resulting chemistry of which produces love and loss, humor and contempt, melancholy and triumph, despair and hope, joy and fear. But the most important things they possess are soul and a passion backed with an immortal desire to share it. Landing On The Moon has opened for such international acts as Cursive, Say Anything, The Fray, Portugal. The Man, and Vampire Weekend. Drummer, Oliver Morgan, is also the drummer of national act Little Brazil (Anodyne Records.) Keyboardist, Megan Morgan, also moonlights as a guest vocalist for Saddle Creek Records band, Ladyfinger.