Haltya Pelinpala and Outolintu first released on the Fusion vs Confusion compilation in 1999. The Project/Haltya 12, released in 2000, received very good feedback and club plays from, among others, Annie Nightingale at BBC Radio One. After that followed two albums, Forest Flavor and Electric Help Elves.

Haltya was a joint venture of PeLinPaLa (Tommi Sirki..) and Outolintu (J..rgen Sachau). The duo started making music together in 1996 although Tommi and Jyrgen had been making music separately before this for many years by their own means. Haltya was originally meant to be a record label. Traces of that idea stayed in the band, as it isn..t a collaboration in the traditional meaning of the word. Most of the Haltya tunes are composed and produced by either one of the members or together not including their own solo adventures as PeLinPaLa and Outolintu . They both have very different backgrounds in music as Tommi has a long history of studies in classical instruments, rock and jazz music & theory and musictechnology whereas Outolintu is a self tought musician who felt the groove and evolved by experimenting with music by his own.

These two producers anyway connected in a musical way as they both had a habit of experimenting with electronic music equipment. They were looking for the freakiest sounds that could come out of those machines of the new electronic music industry. When they got the synths to sing the weirdest tones they both knew that only a couple of those sounds would just not be enough for one tune! The result is seriously booty shaking funky forest music with sparkles on top, the trademark of Haltya. Their musical style takes influences from jazz, funk, trance, house, drum n.. bass and all sorts of other musical directions. Some call it acid disco, acid funk or psy-funk.

Haltya released their first record on Exogenic Records in 1999 in the form of Project Haltya EP. Their debut album Forest Flavor, which came out in 2000 was highly acclaimed by the psychedelic music lovers around the world. In late 2003 they released the single Hero, which made way for the following album Electric Help Elves, released 2004. In 2005 Outolintu left the project in the caring hands of Pelinpala so he could concentrate on his solo projects.

Today Haltya is considered to be one of the leading originals in psychedelic music and the Suomi sound. The sound of Haltya has been heard in various parties in countries around the world during their live gigs and dj sets.

Tommi is involved in the progressive trance project Highpersonic Whomen together with Markku Louhio from Kiwa. Tommi and Markku are also producing breakbeat influenced Headphonics for Exogenic breaks Records.